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Ugadi is a festival that has been celebrated on the first day of ‘Chaitra Masa’ with great pomp. Show signifying the start of New Year, that is poised to bring good fortune and luck. The term ‘Ugadi’ is mostly used in the southern states such as Andhrapradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Puducherry, Andaman and Nicobar islands of India. While the same is known in Maharashtra as ‘Gudi Padwa' observed on the same day. Before the colours of Holi entirely fades away, Ugadi brings in the freshness and natural beauty of red flowers blossoming and mango buds blooming signifying the auspicious new year celebrated by the South Indians. The starting of Ugadi is observed to bring in joy, beauty, and harmony marking the beginning of prosperity, affluence, and growth for everyone involved.

This celebration falls between late March and early April when the moon reflects and signifies a change in season and the beginning of spring. The word Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit word Yugadi, meaning the start of a new age. The dates of Ugadi are calculated based on the position of the moon and it has been followed with the same method from as early as the 12th century. But now you can celebrate this happy festive occasion with the best and the latest products such as electronics, apparel, gifts and more.

So it is time to bring in the joy and happiness to your house including the select offers on the top products that are featured here. Instead of visiting the malls and shopping centers for your purchases you can now buy your Ugadi purchasing online and get marvelous offers and discounts for your buying. Now, when shopping you can also avail lavish instant cashback for your purchases made online by using Ugadi coupons. This will give you additional savings on your festive shopping making sure you find your favorite products at the lowest prices during the Ugadi sale. The celebration of prosperity will bring in more prosperity to your shopping sessions and also give you amazing Ugadi offers and Gudi Padwa offers for you and your family. So, start celebrating and shopping with this Ugadi sale today.

The top 6 things you should know regarding the celebration of Ugadi

Ugadi is a festival celebrated in multiple states for multiple reasons at the same time. It is called Ugadi in South India while it is called Gudi Patwa, Cheti Chand, Navreh in other parts of India.

The auspicious day of Ugadi signals the start of the Hindu new year in the Hindu lunar calendar.

In the state of Maharashtra, Gudi Padwa is the harvesting of Rabi corn and the wait for the markets to flood with Mangoes

This day also marks the start of Vasant Ritu, as per Hindu calendar

Gudi ‘Doll’, bamboo dolls are made on this day with neem leaves and mango and are placed at the entry of the houses

This is the start of the nine days long festival of Navarathri in India and is celebrated by Hindus.

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Let us welcome Ugadi 2020 with the latest and the greatest phones available at unbelievably low prices, and with the most collection of choices you have seen all year. Geared with a mission to spread happiness and help buyers get the best product at the lowest prices, Vishumoney has aggregated all the latest Ugadi mobile offers to give you the best mobiles in the market at an affordable price. Bring in the top sellers such as Samsung Galaxy M20, Redme 6 pro, Redmi 6A, Samsung M30 and more at unmatched discounts from a variety of sites, so that you can get the best offers at the right time.
We are bringing you the exclusive Gudi Padwa offers so that you can avail discounts from a range of mobile phones depending on your budget and specification that you are after from prominent brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, MI, Oppo, etc with the multiple exciting deals and discounts and further you can get wondrous Ugadi mobile offers and cashback with all the purchase made from Vishumoney. So no further waiting to get your hands on your favorite handset as you can own them easily at the lowest prices and save money while purchasing it. Further to give you the flexibility of ownership you can now replace your old handset for a brand new one with exclusive EMIs and zero-interest with Ugadi offers on mobiles in online shopping.

Ugadi sale on laptops and computer accessories

The best time to purchase a laptop in India is during the festive season as they give you amazing discounts on all electronics product purchases. Taking into account the fact that you can also use the Ugadi coupon codes for Laptops you are sure to be bagging a great deal.

The Ugadi is marked as the start of the New Year for Hindu and it is the perfect time to upgrade your laptop to the latest and a more powerful one so that your day to day activities work seamlessly with no delay or breaks. Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon have a lot of offers on laptops for all the latest models including the 7th generation i3,i5,i7 and other powerful laptops in the market. Further, you can get marvelous discounts for your shopping in Ugadi Sale on laptops and computer accessories and avail cashback on Vishumoney.

Top Ugadi offers and Gudi Padwa offers on Clothing and accessories

Festivals are a grand affair in India and as a part of the festivals, you are sure to get the best deals on clothing, footwear, and accessories from a variety of stores online.<>

As Ugadi and Gudi Padwa are the occasion of new beginnings and fresh starts, some of the major online stores around the country have started to give out amazing deals and discount for all kinds of apparel. Apparels represent your personality and who you are, so we have compiled the best stores with amazing Ugadi offers so you can dress up in style because as they say that style is confidence, and confidence is everything. Among a few of these stores with offers are Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, Ajio giving you some of the biggest discounts plus deals. By using Vishumoney for your purchases you can get amazing cashback which would be credited to your account.
We know that your shopping list may be very long, Don’t worry, we have you covered as we have devised exclusive Ugadi offers and Gudi Padwa offers across a number of stores which would be your preferred shopping destinations. By Using the discount coupon from Vishumoney you can not only shop your favorite apparel brands like Nike, Adidas, Biba, John players, and more top brands but also avail huge discounts on them as you have never seen before. Whether it is cosmetics, accessories, sunglasses, shoes, jewelry, modern wear, traditional wear or even ethnic wear is easy to shop and indulge in as these top-selling products also translate to bigger savings with Vishumoney. By applying the Gudi Padwa offers and Ugadi offers to grab the best deals on body care products such as shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, sunscreens, moisturizers, including makeup products to make sure you celebrate and enjoy the festival with greater savings on your shopping and have fun while doing it.

The Best Ugadi offers and Gudi Padwa offers on Electronics

Splash-proof speakers starting at Rs 899 at Amazon Holi sale

Electronics play an important role in all festivals and Ugadi and Gudi Padwa are no different, you can observe the several exclusive and amazing deals online giving you an amazing discount on a plethora of electronic products to make your celebrations that much more special. Bringing you exclusive deals on PCs, PlayStation, latest laptops, Bluetooth speakers and more as the list of electronics that would improve the quality of your life is neverending, But what if you could afford them all?.
You will have to wait no more as Ugadi offers to give the biggest electronics in your list as they provide lavish discounts and great deals for all your shopping. You will find amazing offers for Personal Computers, Mobile tablets, TVs, washing machines, air conditioners and other amazing electronics that are going to be available at these best rates.

Some of the best offers in electronics are:

Celebrate New year with new memories and get DSLRs with a minimum of Rs 5000 Off on Amazon

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Get the best air conditioners at unbelievable discounts exclusively on Flipkart

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Get the exciting honor band only at Rs 1999 only at Flipkart.

You can grab these products and more at amazing discounts reaching up to 80% and get the double benefit of getting additional cashback with all the purchases made with coupons from Vishumoneyvduring the Ugadi sale.

Amazing Amazon Ugadi Offers to sweep you off your feet

One place any shopper loves is Amazon with its amazing variety of offerings and discounts. Amazon provides you with a trusted brand, which promises genuine products, great shopping experience, and robust customer care and order tracking facility.

Some of the best collections of products are found on Amazon Ugadi offers and Gudi Padwa Sale to bring you all the joy and celebration that you would want. Grab exclusive offers that would give you huge benefits while giving you the products that you desire, and these categories are endless with exclusive Ugadi offers in all kinds of the home appliance, toys, electronics, apparel, clothing, electronics, bags, computers and accessories and more. To make things easier Amazon lets you pay through their wallet Amazon pay and you can use EMIs option to break up your payment into installments. So get the best products with the best discounts by applying coupons from Vishumoney and get lavish cashback on every purchase.

Ugadi Flipkart offers to keep you shopping all-day

Shopping can be a fun and engaging experience with Flipkart, with the best products showcased on their website. Get a first-hand experience of the festive spirits for the sale. Flipkart is one of the pioneers of online shopping in India and has brought the ultimate offers for all of its top categories this Ugadi 2020 and Gudi Patwa. The megastore has a range of offers in different categories from the Mobile phone, Apparel, Electronics and more to give you handpicked discounts and offers that will give amazing value for money buys. Further, you can get discounts on mobile recharges, flight tickets and hotel bookings made through Flipkart. You can avail amazing discounts by using Vishumoney for your purchases and get amazing cashback on each of your purchases.

Super Snapdeal Ugadi sale to brighten your day

Indulge in all-out shopping from your favorite categories of products from Snapdeal. Boasting millions of products, select from a range of products that gives you the guarantee of quality. Snapdeal is India's fastest shopping platform and has rolled out an incredible set of Ugadi offers and has mostly all the top products including apparel, Electronics, Shoes, Cosmetics, Jewellery and food to give you a holistic Ugadi sale experience with the best brands at the lowest prices. Further, you can buy through Vishumoney to get your favorite items at amazing discounts and get lavish cashback for your purchases...

Celebrate Ugadi and Gudi Padwa, will tasty food and Fashion

As we approach Ugadi, the Beginning of Hindu Newyear, we are all preparing to refresh and what better to shop for new apparel and things that you wanted for a long time. Vishumoney has all the exclusive offers from all the leading online shopping sites and you can use the best coupons to give yourself amazing discounts for all your purchases. So, start shopping for the latest brands at the lowest prices exclusively by applying Ugadi offers.