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If you are hungry do not think of the kitchen and just order KFC chicken. KFC has captured the minds and hearts of all chicken lovers all around the world. With outlets all over India, it has always been finger licking good making it a great choice for any meal but the experience of enjoying it at home by ordering from KFC online cannot be beaten. Timeless fast food items like the KFC chicken bucket gives you the ultimate delightness while eating.

To avail, great discounts on each one of your orders use the KFC coupons from Vishumoney. Along with the KFC Wednesday offer a customer can get more discounts and a generous cashback if the customer uses KFC coupons plus get lavish cashback. Along with KFC coupons, Vishumoney also provides KFC promo code to give its customers a promotional discount on their orders. Each time you order KFC chicken never forget to use KFC promo code or KFC coupon code to enjoy generous cash backs.


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40 % OFF

40% discount on 4 Hot and Crispy, 6 Hot Wings, 6 Boneless Strips, 1 Pepsi Pet and 2 Dips

Verified | Expires 27/09/2019

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15 % OFF

15% Off on Food Order

Verified | Expires 26/09/2019

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Mixed Zinger double @ just ₹289

Verified | Expires 01/10/2019

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Large popcorn @ just ₹150

Expires 01/10/2019

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Free delivery on online food orders

Expires 01/10/2019

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Avail Flat Off on Food Order 15% All users
Best discount on 10 pc hot wings Rs 250 All users
Great discount on large popcorn Rs 150 All users
Awesome discount on first three orders Rs All users

Order KFC online just with your fingertips

KFC offer today a very high punch of taste and delight to the customers. Order now and get it faster than you can make tea as KFC delivery is very fast. With KFC home delivery, your order is at your doorstep within no time.

KFC the Fried Chicken Love

A single destination for all chicken lovers is KFC. KFC chicken is loved by all the chicken lovers, and itís a kind of chicken being a staple option addiction. KFC chicken had a whole variety of chicken dishes that are loved by the whole world. It may be a weekend joy with your family or a party with your best buddies. Just order on KFC online for your chicken. KFC offers the food not only thinking of at the international level but also at the country level such as even in the Indian tradition with rice as KFC Rice bowls. The corporate world says Wednesday is the most productive day, to make this day more special for its customers KFC offers a special KFC Wednesday offer, on this particular day their will huge deals to the customers. Does KFC offer only for chicken lovers no, it KFC offers even for vegetarians with burgers, french fries, and veg rice bowls, etc. not only chicken lovers but also veg lovers can also order through KFC online. Does KFC only delights its customers no, Vishumoney also delights its customers by providing huge deals like cashback, discounts, promotional discounts. Use our KFC coupons while you crave for fried chicken next time.

KFC Founder Colonel Harland Sanders and his Story KFC is one of the most successful food chains all over the world. The story behind the success is very interestingly hot as KFC chicken. Colonel Harland Sanders was born in 1890, his father passed when he was 7 years old. He had to take care of all his siblings. So he used to cook for them which made him a tough cook. At the age of 16, he joined the U.S. army and discharged in a year. Later he has taken a railway labor job ended it with a fight on a coworker. He studied law in his free time, chosen law as a career which was not fruitful. Later he entered life insurance sales he got fired . Whatever may happen he never gave up anything easily, Sanders started a ferry boat company which is a disaster later he started lamp business. He is technically behind another company which is ended up with a loss.

Colonel Harland Sanders entered into the age of 40, then he began selling chicken made by him at a service station even this did not go cool. He landed up with a fight on a competitor. He purchased a motel that burned later completely in the fire. He built a motel on the ashes and ran the motel till World War II, he was forced to close it down. Later he tried to franchise his recipe which ended up with 1,009 times of rejection.

The secret recipe to KFC

He changed the name secret recipe to "Kentucky Fried Chicken" Which became a hit in no time. He started spreading it all over the country and hired workers for KFC chicken. Years of misfortune but sincere efforts and hard work brought him two million in 1965.

KFC offer today its services around 23000 outlets all over the world. In India, KFC offer today 372 outlets in India.

KFC Wednesday offer

KFC Wednesday offer is one of the top deals that KFC offers to its customers. The list of offers that KFC offer on Wednesday is increasing every year. KFC Wednesday offer of Rs 559 is 10 pieces of hot and crispy chicken + 6 boneless chicken stripes + 2 Pepsi. In the new KFC Wednesday offer, KFC offers 10 pieces of chicken for just Rs 500. Wednesday strip bucket Rs 500, Wednesday special meal Rs 699, Wednesday special deal Rs 699, Wednesday special combo Rs 550. On Wednesday KFC offers the service almost 40% less than the everyday.


The traditional style of cooking chicken has changed now. There are numerous varieties of chicken styles. KFC offers its customers the style and taste that no one offers in the industry. Just order through KFC online and know your chicken. Just a customer can know what is in the chicken and other ingredients except for the secret ingredient in the recipe. KFC delivery is very fast you can choose any kind of chicken it may be smoky, grilled, boneless strips, red coloured, chicken popcorn, ginger chicken, chicken popcorn. You can have a bucket of chicken known as KFC chicken bucket. Just taste them and know what is your favourite in the chicken section. Burgers are something different from chicken but KFC offers ultimate chicken burger experience to the customers. KFC offers the best chicken burgers that no one can match, like a chicken zinger meal, zinger combo, chicken ginger box, zinger doubles, chicken zinger, KFC favourites, KFC favourite meal, veg zinger. All of them are of delicious taste. Just taste them all at least once and know your chicken. All of them are just one click far from you. Just click what KFC online offers and get KFC delivery to you.

Smoky red chicken

There are various styles of chicken in the KFC menu which contain smoky red chicken, smoky red grilled, smoky red wings, smoky red rice bowl. This is a new launch that KFC offers it loaded with extra spicy. India the land spices all of us hot and spicy food. KFC offers this hot and spicy along with crispy and crunchiness. This satisfies the Indian taste buds a lot. The match between spicy crispy crunch and perfectly cooked chicken is of no words, just need to taste it and get delighted. KFC zinger box contains all the chicken you need to taste. Just now order through KFC online. KFC delivery is just waiting for your order. Make a click from Vishumoney.

KFC chicken boneless stripes

Many do not like bones in chicken this is especially for them. For the non bone lovers. KFC menu offers very delicious boneless stripes. some feel why these bones in the middle while I am enjoying the chicken for them this is the exact strike. This is a perfect balance of crispy crunchy and secret recipe of which KFC offers. Either it be a complete bucket, a combo or a zinger box, have this boneless stips in your meal. Just enjoy this juicy boneless stripes with the dips.12 piece boneless strips is just 500 it extra satisfies your tummy which is a delight to the customer. The strips are easy to eat disturbance of bones whenever you eat. Just use KFC online and have the juicy chicken KFC home delivery you with no time.

KFC signature chicken

The smoky chicken or chicken boneless strips are delight food in which KFC offers. Among them, the KFC menu has its signature chicken. Everyone is always happy to eat a chicken leg with a bone. The hot and crispy chicken with chicken legs, wings is the all-time favourite to the chicken lovers. Just enjoy the hot and crispiness of the chicken whenever you order. Order a KFC chicken bucket and dip them in the delicious dips of the KFC just eat it you will feel great. That is the taste KFC offers to the customers. Order through KFC online, and enjoy a delicious meal. Order a KFC chicken bucket. Just enjoy the KFC online food and have all the fun.

KFC burgers-

The burger is of great love to many who eat fast foods. All the burgers are made fresh, but you can customize your burger the way you like. Out of them, the chicken burger is the most loved burger of all. The burgers that KFC offers are of both veg and nonveg. But obviously nonveg have greater demand and so KFC offers in a wide variety. The KFC zinger box, KFC zinger combo, KFC zinger meal, 5 in 1 zinger box. If you love hot and extra spicy burgers then a zinger burger is a perfect fit for you. This KFC zinger burger is filled with chicken breast. This is coated with crunchy. The burger is seeded bun which contains red onions with the addition of sweet mayo it served crisp lettuce which is very fresh. It has all the great ingredients and items to give a great punch to your burger.

The burger lovers can order the KFC zinger box or any other combo along with the burger. KFC home delivery is very quick just order KFC online and get KFC delivery at home.

KFC chicken bowl

KFC recently added the KFC rice bowl to the KFC menu. There are various combinations of rice bowls. The combinations are popcorn rice combo, popcorn rice duo, 5 in 1- rice box, smoky red rice bowl, chicken rice bowl, veg rice bowl. As usual, KFC stands for chicken which provides major of the rice bowls are chicken. One variant of the veg bowl. This is an extra delight to the Indians as all the Indians eat chicken. Thus now KFC attracts all types of customers all over the world.

Have the hot KFC chicken with hot deals from Vishumoney

You all well know that KFC offers many offers and discounts to the customers. Among all the offers KFC Wednesday the lighting deal to the customers. To provide extra hotness Vishumoney is with you. Vishumoney provides a lot of KFC coupons and KFC promo codes. These KFC coupons contain KFC coupon codes. This KFC coupon codes on the KFC coupons give generous cashback to the customers. KFC promo codes will give a promotional discount to the customers. To have all the happiness just order KFC online and use the KFC coupons and KFC promo codes to add extra delight to yourself.

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  • The whole process to order with KFC online is very simple.
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  • Copy the KFC coupon code or visit the site by using our offer link.
  • In the KFC site just select all the KFC chicken you need and add them to the cart
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    Both the KFC coupons and KFC promo codes are to delight the customers of Vishumoney.