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Healthkart is one of the leading fitness and nutrition stores in India, with an in depth catalog of the finest products both from India and abroad. Healthkart gives you access to the best products that are used by professionals world over at the comfort at your home. The society as a whole is getting more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and you can also step up your health bar with the exclusive products that Healthkart offers. To make sure our body and mind are working at optimal condition it is very essential to back it with the right nutrition and health supplements, giving you the energy to take on life confidently.

Health, nutrition, and bodybuilding are all part of our everyday lives, not just for the fitness enthusiast, but for all the beginners and amateurs who want to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Healthkart proves to be an ideal platform for all your health, nutrition and fitness products serving millions of customers with their excellent services and offerings. Healthkart offers a dedicated help service as well as online and offline channels to make sure that you reach your health and fitness goals regardless of whether they are general or specific. You can also avail exclusive discounts and deals with the use of Healthkart coupons, and get amazing cashback with each and every purchase made through Vishumoney.


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Healthkart is the one store for all your health needs

You can get all of your health and nutrition needs to be met with Healthkart, giving you the best in quality products that are genuinely sourced and imported giving you that extra advantage in your fitness journey. As a dedicated partner to your fitness journey, Healthkart gives you the flexibility of offline stores as well as a choice of the mode of purchase. Your health needs are never behind you and procurement of these exclusive products are made easier and faster only on Healthkart.

Healthkart offers you exclusive discounts on the products that you wont find anywhere else, and by applying the Healthkart coupons you can get the best deals instantly. Further, you can get the best cashback on all your purchases made from Vishumoney. This certainly gives you an advantage as you get the same product at a lower price and at the same time you also save cash while purchasing it.

Healthkart positions itself perfectly to be a great place for people who are serious about their health and gives them the freedom and the ability to compare, connect and purchase the products that are specifically suitable to them and their personal health needs. There are a lot of new products that are introduced to the Indian supplement market on a daily basis, but at Healthkart these products are tested extensively and deliberately to make sure that what they are sending you is genuine and would garner the supposed results that it promises. So, whenever you see the Healthkart logo next to a product you can rest assure that you are purchasing a genuine product that has been tried and tested. Healthkart also strives on giving you the best delivery options and with the widest roaster of more than 200 brands & vendors you are sure to find the right product easily and get it delivered to you from the comfort of your home. So switch to Healthkart as your partner in the fitness journey that you have embarked on and dont forget to grab the best discounts with the exclusive Healthkart coupons that are available only on Vishumoney.

Fitness journey made easy with Healthkart

Healthkart is on the quest to give every user a chance to access both the top national and international brands very easily and offer products at a discounted price so that it becomes affordable. Fitness is a long term goal and different people set different targets and have a different vision for themselves in terms of personal fitness. So an overweight person should be using different supplements and course of nutrition that a person who is trying to gain that extra weight, though both of them are trying to become fit, the process is entirely different and Healthkart understands that each Fitness journey is unique and gives you the best products that are specifically designed for your personal fitness journey.Additionally you can apply the exclusive Healthkart coupon code and get amazing offers and discounts.

Healthkart offers its distinct services both online as well as offline where you have physical stores located around your city and you can purchase your desired products directly from the stores at your convenience. The stand out feature of Healthkart is that users can consult with the experts, giving you exclusive access to a panel of certified and experienced fitness experts and nutritional specialists to whom you can clarify any of your query health and fitness. You can contact them by phone or mail and get sound advice, Furthermore, this service is completely free.

Healthkart also gives you immense value for money with all of your purchases with the best deals and offers that you can get for your desired products. With a policy of honest pricing, Saving combos, referrals and the exclusive Healthkart coupons you are bound to get the best value for money on each of your purchases. Additionally, you can get lavish cashback with each and every purchase made through Vishumoney. Healthkart also gives you the option to shop by your goals where you can specify if your intention is to lose weight, Bodybuilding, Healthy living and hair & skincare. You can choose the product according to your concerns and also drill down to specific problems such as Diabetic care, bone, and joint care, heart care, brain, and memory care, etc. Moreover, you can get detailed information on all the brands and can choose from a range of authentic brands.

Fueling your body with the right consultation and advice

The right nutrition advice will give you the right results in your fitness journey and give you the desired results and goals in the shortest time possible. Further, high quality professional supplements and products that were previously out of reach for the common Indian is easily available with Healthkart providing all the ranges of genuine and premium products easily available through their website and stores that are located in most of the major cities in India. Further, Healthkart gives you the free expert advice and consultation from certified fitness experts and trainers giving you unparalleled advantage in reaching your goal and ideal body condition as quickly as possible.

Getting sound expert advice is an easy process with Healthkart as all you have to do is create a profile, call and connect with the panel of fitness experts and nutritionists, they will guide you in choosing the right products and supplements according to your body requirements and also give you diet and workout plans. You can finally stay updated on the latest trends with tips and tricks by reading the informative and entertaining Healthkart blog. So make Healthkart a part of your fitness journey and transform your body and soul.

Healthkart offers High quality original products

Healthkart offers a wide range of health and top nutritional products at affordable prices which are genuine and of exceptional quality. Healthkart gives you an in depth view of all the products and guides you with the perfect product for you to reach your goal. Be it Fat burner, Whey proteins, Mass gainers and the hundreds of other supplements on the market, you are guaranteed to get the best deals on Healthkart. India is flooded with products that are duplicates and unlicensed products which can have harmful effects in your body while consumption and are illegal. Healthkart assures you with genuine products which are selectively procured, sourced and tested to make sure that it is original and maintains quality.

The users are given the freedom to compare products, prices, features, and nutritional values even before purchasing them. Some of the major categories of products are:

Sports nutrition: Sports nutrition is the nutrition required while you involve yourself in some sports. The supplements and the products used in sports nutrition are very specific to the concern and they are categorized into proteins, Gainers, Protein foods, Pre workout, Top Whey protein isolate, Top whey proteins, Top mass Gainers, Top BCAA, workout essentials, and top brands. By applying the exclusive Healthkart coupon code you can avail amazing discounts and offers. Also, get amazing cashback from Vishumoney with all of your purchases. By applying the exclusive Healthkart coupons that are available on Vishumoney you can avail exclusive discounts and offers.

Vitamins & Supplements: You can get the top quality Vitamins and Supplements that are available in the market exclusively on Healthkart. Different types of Vitamins are required for different people having various fitness levels and Healthkart offers you all the best brands, types and ranges of vitamins and supplements that are Indian made and International. Some of the choices of categories that are available are Omega fatty acids, Multivitamins, Speciality Supplements, Antioxidants, Minerals, Vitamins, Top Omega 3, Top Multivitamins, Top Brands, etc are available on Healthkart. Further, you can apply the Healthkart coupons and get amazing discounts and offers on the purchase of your products.

Ayurveda & Herbs: Ayurveda & Herbs are naturally made and organic medicines that have the ability to cleanse the body and mind. Practiced for hundreds of years they provide accurate treatment supplements for most of your health related concerns. Healthkart offers you exclusive Ayurvedic and herbal products that will harmonize the spirit, body, and mind overall treating the root cause of the disease. Some of the popular categories in Ayurveda is Herbs for weight loss, Vital Herbs, Antioxidants, Herbs for Personal care, Herbal extracts, Herbs for digestive care, Herbs for hair care, Herbal Oils, Herbs for Diabetic Care, and top Ayurvedic brands. These are result oriented, safe and reliable and will cause zero to no harmful side effects.You can apply Healthkart coupons for the best discounts and deals.

Health Food & Drinks: You can get the best health foods and drinks that will supplement and encourage your fitness levels and body condition. These Health foods and drinks have a combination of ingredients that will promote weight loss and give you other health benefits. Some of the categories that are listed are Weight loss foods, Vinegar and Health Juices, Healthy Beverages, Protein foods and Bars also lists down the top brands that are available. You can get the best offers and discounts by applying the Healthkart coupons at the time of the checkout.

Fitness: Fitness is an important part of our lives, and being fit keeps us young and free from diseases. But, most of us struggle to keep fit with our hectic work schedules and busy lives. Healthkart tries to counter this by getting you your preferred fitness supplement and other nutrition to your home, making sure you can order them from your home. Take your workout to the next level with the exclusive categories such as Gym essentials, Gym Supplements, Gym accessories, Gym supports and also features the top brands that are currently available on Healthkart. You can get the most amazing discounts by applying the Healthkart coupons at the time of checkout and getting the best value for your purchase.

Wellness: Wellness is an important part of our lives and it has a holistic meaning. Wellness products from Healthkart are made specifically with the end user in mind. The best wellness products target your mind and your body and give you tranquility and peace. Some of the most popular categories that are available on wellness category are Skin Care, Hair Care, Personal Care, Herbs for skin care, and Herbs for hair growth and the list of top brands that are currently available in the Wellness category. You can get amazing discounts and offers by applying the exclusive Healthkart coupons that are available on Vishumoney and get amazing cashback with every purchase.

Exclusive benefits of offers and discounts with Healthkart coupons

Healthkart is a holistic store that gives you amazing benefits as a user, as you can browse from a catalog of the leading brands and products exclusively available on Healthkart. Additionally, they give you lavish discounts and deals that you can use by applying the Healthkart coupons at the time of checkout. Further, when you apply your exclusive Healthkart coupon code from Vishumoney, you can get amazing cashback as well with all of your purchases. Now, all of your major purchases can be boosted with the help of the Healthkart offers and you can get amazing value for your purchase. Healthkart gives you additionally many opportunities to grab those amazing deals such as flash sale, crazy deals, wipe out sale, Half price store, etc. to get you mind blowing Healthkart offers.

Easy return and delivery policies and HK cash

One of the biggest trust building factors of Healthkart is the fact that they have a robust and efficiently put together return and delivery policy. Some of the major benefits are:

You can get the product delivered in 2-3 days of order

All the logistics of your order is transparent with you getting a link to track your order in real time

Healthkart offers a 14 day return policy if the product is damaged or if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Now, with every purchase you make from Healthkart, you earn special points that are called as HK cash that you can redeem on your next purchases. Depending on the product you purchase a certain number of points will be credited to your personal reward point account. The points that you receive depends entirely on the type of products that you purchase as each product is assigned a certain number of points. Once you collected your order and successfully passed the 14 day return, HK will credit the points into our accounts. It is valid on all the prepaid mode of purchases such as Credit/Debit card, Net banking and wallets.

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  • Find an amazing Healthkart coupon or offer from Vishumoney.
  • Copy the Healthkart coupon code or visit site through our offer link.
  • In the Healthkart app or site, choose the products that you want.
  • Specify the address and delivery details to get an estimated time of arrival.
  • Login to your Healthkart account or sign up by entering your details.
  • In the payment page, paste the coupon code for the discount.
  • Complete the payment for your Medicines with Healthkart at the best price.