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Revv - The Self Drive Car Rental for everyone

Ever had to borrow a friend's car to go on a trip, use it regularly as buying one did not make economic sense? Not necessary with Revv self drive rentals as you can avail the usage of the vehicle to your requirements and not others convenience. With a very simple process anyone with access to just a smartphone can download the Revv app or with a computer going to the Revv website within a few minutes. So go about for a trip, visit relatives or even run errands when you want with Revv.

How do I book a Revv car?

It's simple, just visit the Revv website or install and open the app.

1. Enter your city, the date with time you want to pick the vehicle and the drop off schedule
2. Instantly you're greeted with multiple options of vehicles to choose from with the price with respect to range, vehicle gear type, fuel type and other details.

3. Choose any vehicle to see more info and the terms and conditions involved.

4. If you're OK with everything just click proceed to login.

But if you think that the price can be better and wish for some cashback too! Just do one step following before all of the above:

Visit www.vishumoney.com and in the search bar enter Revv to visit the store page where you can choose a great coupon or deal that can lower your price and redirect you to the Revv store in one click with the coupon code copied or deal applied.

What is Revv Car Subscription?

For a more long term solution of self drive rental also Revv has you covered as their rates come down significantly when booked for months together. With Revv subscription you can choose the car of your choice and the monthly cost is much lower than the typical vehicle EMI minus the down payment as you just need to pay a refundable security deposit. With Revv car subscription your cost per month will be lower the longer you rent it for. 

You don't have to be worried about any concerns such as service, insurance and others as firstly you are provided with vehicles that are fully serviced having a running insurance policy. But if it does need a service during your rental period, they provide you with a backup car while it gets serviced so you can enjoy a seamless usage experience literally like owning a car without actually paying that hefty an amount.

Is there any speed limit in Revv cars?

Yes, all Revv cars come with a speed limit of 125 km/hr and they impose a fine of Rs 750 for the first time you exceed it. On a repeated offence you will be charged with Rs 2000 penalty for the next few instances after which the services may be withdrawn for non compliance.

You can incur a penalty while using a Revv self drive rental even for smoking in the car, late pickup, not showing valid Id proofs etc. So be sure to read all the terms before availing Revv self drive rental services.

Which car rental is best in India?

While each service tries to differentiate itself by providing some specific features, what makes Revv self drive rental standout is their variable mileage plans. Instead of giving a fixed km usage for every vehicle they offer 3 ranges which are 120 kms, 360 kms and 600 one on top of which if you exceed any package a fixed per km charge is applicable.

This is very convenient as different users rent vehicles for different purposes and a variable package helps save significantly for any user. For a user going on a trip , the more insight the better depending on the destination. While those renting a vehicle to use it just within a city less see the range better is the price. This unique pricing model with multi city availability and great price makes Revv self drive rental a compelling service to avail.

How does a Revv car work?

Revv works on a multi partnership model where like Ola or Uber they do not own all the vehicles that they rent. Instead they partner with anyone who has some money to invest but looking for some good returns. They help you purchase a vehicle within the budget of your investment and add it in their fleet of available vehicles for users to rent. Every time someone rents that vehicle, the billed amount is given back minus a fixed commission that is cleared on a monthly basis. This way Revv facilities self drive rental by public sourcing the vehicles that mutually benefits everyone from those renting Revv vehicles to save money by not purchasing it to people earning from their investments. Such a model supports and helps everyone to maximise everyone's money and our limited resources.

Is owning a Revv open really better than buying your own car?

It is really subjective and depends from one person to another based on their vehicle requirements. While this question is mainly about the Revv subscription service offering.

While the traditional way of owning a car is seen as owning an asset, firstly the way you purchase it can determine if it's the way to go. If you have saved the entire purchase amount and then go buy the vehicle of your choice, there is involvement of interest charges, EMI costs and other banking costs. But at the same time, most of us nowadays go for a loan as we wouldn't have the whole amount in hand and also go for the car that you actually aspire for. With Revv self drive rental cars you just need to pay a small refundable security deposit and pay a much lower monthly cost. Also with a wide range of vehicles in Revv's fleet, you can change it as per your choice with just a small difference in costs.

Next, if you're someone in a government or a transferable job, from having it transported to different places to even requiring to pay road tax again can add significant costs. With Revv self drive rental, you can end the subscription anytime and start a new one in the new place so no issues with those other charges.

Lastly it all comes to usage as not everyone may need the access to a car 24/7 as it not just comes down to EMI cost but needing a safe space to park, service charges, insurance costs and now additional things like fast tag. Revv cars come with everything covered for your convenience and cost effectiveness. Bring down the cost for your monthly subscription by applying Revv coupons while booking your car.