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Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Income - Rs.30000 per Month

  • Self-Employed Professionals Should Have a Minimum of 2 years IT Returns

  • Interest Rate starting from 10.99%*

  • Get Personal Loans even with Low CIBIL Score**

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Lowest Interest Rate

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Minimal Paper Work

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Flexible EMIs

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Personal loans Specifications

Loan Amount: Can range from Rs 50,000 upto Rs 20 lakhs

Interest Rate: Starts as low as 12% p.a. and can go all the way upto 20%

Repayment Period: From 6 months upto 5 years

Location: Tier-I or Tier-II cities

Loan Amount Approval: Depends on Monthly Income of Applicant

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Know what you EMI you need to Pay - Compare Personal Loan Interest Rates

Personal Loan

( Rs:50,000 )( Rs:25,00,000 )

Interest Rate

( 10% ) ( 20% )

Loan Months

( 0.5 Year )( 5 Year )

Loan EMI


Total Interest Payable


Total Payment
(Principal + Interest)


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Minimum Eligibility for Best Personal Loan Offers


  • Age: 21 to 65 years
  • Min Income: At least Rs 20,000/- p.m.
  • Current Workplace Experience: Min 6 months in Current Workplace
  • Total Work Experience: Min 1 year
  • CIBIL Score Requirement: 700+
  • EMI Obligation: Less than 40% of monthly income
  • Period of Stay in Current Residence: 1 year
  • Eligible Loan Amount: Upto 20 lakhs

Self Employed

  • Age: 25 to 65 years
  • Annual turnover: More than 5 lakhs
  • Tenure of Business Establishment : Min 2 years
  • CIBIL Score Requirement: 700+
  • Credit Obligation: Less than 40% of Annual turnover
  • ITR Filing: Min 2 years
  • Eligible Loan Amount: Upto 40 lakhs
  • Profit Period: Min 1 year till current

Mandatorily Required Documents to Apply for a Personal Loan


  • Identity Proof - Government issued document (Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, Ration Card, Passport etc).
  • Proof of Residence - Government or it’s Agency issued document (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, Ration Card, LPG Gas Bill, Electricity Bill etc)
  • KYC Document - Aadhaar Card
  • Tax ID - PAN Card
  • Income Proof - Last 3 months Salary Slip from Employer
  • Financial Status Proof - 3 Months Bank Statement of Salary Account
  • Residence Tenure Proof - Rental Agreement (if applicable)

Self Employed

  • Identity Proof - Government issued document (Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, Ration Card, Passport etc).
  • Proof of Residence - Government or it’s Agency issued document (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, Ration Card, LPG Gas Bill, Electricity Bill etc)
  • KYC Document - Aadhaar Card
  • Self Tax ID - PAN Card
  • Company Tax ID - Company PAN Card
  • Income Proof - Last 2 years ITR Returns
  • Financial Status Proof - Last 2 years CA Audited Company Balance Sheet
  • Place of Business Tenure Proof - Rental Agreement (if applicable)

Why Personal Loans are the Solution to your Financial Needs?

At times when you're in need of a substantial amount of money be it for renovating your home, going for a vacation, hospital expenses or other reasons a loan offered by Banks or other financial institutions is termed as a Personal Loan.
A Personal loan is usually a collateral free loan that can also be utilised for any required purpose without the need to specify the same to the lender. Because of which the amount that can be borrowed and the rate of interest it is offered at is significantly more than other loans such as Home Loans, Education Loans, Car loans etc. Not just that, the eligibility requirements to avail a personal loan is also very severe with multiple factors affecting it such as employment, earnings, type of residence and most importantly your credit score. Hence it is very important to get a loan from the best provider that suits your needs of the loan amount, interest rate and repayment schedule.
But times have been changing to accommodate conveniences for consumers to avail Personal Loans in a much more easier and faster process. Nowadays you can get personal loan offers just by having proof of income. Even the process to apply for a personal loan has gone online wherein you just need to provide some vital details.

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Personal Loans FAQs

The approved Personal loan amount varies from one person to another based on their income, age, work experience, location, existing loans or EMIs etc. Typically a Bank or NBFC will offer a loan amount that does not exceed 50% of your monthly income as the EMI you need to pay. Therefore, if you want to higher amount of personal loan, then a longer loan term will help you secure the same.
Yes but only if the amount you are paying for those EMIs does not exceed 25 to 30% of your monthly income as the overall credit a person is eligible for cannot exceed 50% of their monthly income to be paid as loan EMIs. So to be eligible for a personal loan ensure that your EMI does not exceed this limit or close the others before applying for one to get quick approval.
Personal loans are a type of unsecured loans meaning you do not need to provide anything as collateral. For example, in a Gold loan, the pledged gold can be liquidated by the bank if you do not pay off the entire loan amount within a stipulated period. For personal loans as there is no collateral, you can be tension free on something like that happening but remember that it will still hit your credit score if the loan is not repaid which will make it very difficult for you to avail any type of loan again in the future.
No, applying for a personal loan should not cost you anything. So if you are told to pay any kind of fees or charges then the lender is not genuine and stay away from such financial institutions. Here you can apply for a personal loan and it is processed 100% free of cost from application to disbursal if your profile meets the eligibility criteria and all required documents are in order. What’s more, you get rewarded for applying for your Personal loan here that is offered nowhere else.
Typically if the loan is approved after the application going through all the process of eligibility check, document verification, employment and residence verification, the loan amount is disbursed within 24 to 48 hours during working days.
As mentioned in the previous question, yes you can if you are eligible which is if your current EMIs are less than 50% of your monthly income but the loan amount will be proportional to the remaining income. Hence it is best to either close or transfer your current loan to a Credit provider offering better interest rates and higher eligibility. Apply your personal loan here and we will assist you even in getting a top with your current lender or a loan transfer at the best terms.
You can always pay back more than the monthly EMI for your Personal loan which will let you reduce the term of the loan or foreclose it by paying off before the end date. You will not incur any penalties for the same but charges to do so known as foreclosure charges. It is, therefore, better for you to decide properly the exact amount and period of the personal loan to prevent any additional charges.
Any personal loan that you apply if approved will incur a few mandatory and few optional charges. The mandatory charges include:
  • 1. Processing fees - Ranges from 0.5 to 3% depending on the lender
  • 2. Documentation charges
  • 3. Verification charges
  • 4. Taxes like GST etc
Non-mandatory charges include:
  • 1. Personal Loan Insurance
  • 2. Payment protection etc
Lowest interest rate for Personal loans depends on multiple factors such as the range of rates offered by the Banks or NBFC, your monthly income, your business IT returns if self-employed, work experience if salaried, employer standing, type of residence, savings and assets held etc. While that may seem like a lot, choosing the right medium to apply for a personal loan can make all the difference. Usually when you directly approach the bank for a loan, unless you are a government employee or a highly paid individual the loan amount and interest offered would not be the best in the industry. Instead apply for a personal loan with a financial solutions provider who will do all the negotiations for you.
To ensure that you get your personal loan approved once you apply, follow up with the provider giving all the required details, documents and schedule verifications visits as quickly as possible. Keep all your documents in order like address proof with your current residential address, proof of employment letter, Business IT returns if self-employed etc. To make things easier, upload your documents here for quick and highest processing success for your personal loan and get the lowest rate with the highest approved loan amount only here.