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Dussehra or Dasara Celebration Across India

In southern parts of India ‘Dasara’ is a very renowned festival, especially at Mysore a second major city of Karnataka. It’s popularly called ‘Mysore Dasara’ is the Nadahabba of the state. Tourists pour-in from across the globe to see the famous ‘Jamboo Savari’ the key attractions and the traditional procession. The Jamboo Savari is an elephant procession held on the streets of Mysore city wherein various a rtists make a tableau parade on the 10th day or the last day of the festival. During Dasara, every year Mysore witnesses lakhs of people visiting the city to enjoy the 10 days of extravaganza, especially the last day. In various other parts of Southern India like Hyderabad, Telangana people celebrate this festival worshipping goddess Durga in the name of ‘Durga Puja’.

In northern states such as, Dussehra is celebrated with Durga Pooja which is nine-nights long called ‘Navaratri’. Women all across the states do fasting called ‘Upvas’, with this ritual it is believed that one can purify his or her mind, soul and body. Also, in states like Gujarat people indulge to celebrate this festival performing ‘Garba’ a traditional dance. There are other states such as Ayodhya, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Almora people worship Rama because they strongly believe it’s Rama’s victory over evil

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The big two e-commerce giants of India Flipkart and Amazon fight it out, to get you the best online shopping festive offers. Coinciding on almost the same days each one has something great to offer due to exclusive products and programs like Flipkart Plus or Amazon Prime. While you may prefer one over the other, it’s not the time for loyalty but smartness. Which is why all the top product offers, and deals are showcased here making you not lose. Let's have a brief look at what they offer or their stronghold is.

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Trying to get an Indian taste from an American brand Amazon calls their sale Great Indian Festival. For an Amazon Prime member, there’re special privileges like getting early access to most of their deals that run out soon. Having an SBI debit card can get you extra 10% up to Rs. 10000 instant discount on most products making your wallet happier. The range of things you can purchase with this offer is something big like a TV, laptop, fridge or clothes and fashion from any brand with amazing deals; To just restocking your home with essentials and other items you cannot go wrong as you save and benefit big. With offers from most banks on credit and debit cards like interest-free EMI’s, go splurge and pay slowly as you can enjoy what you buy.

Significance and Celebration of Dussehra

All our festivals have a significance that highlights celebration, triumph, and devotion in life. While it’s the same with Dussehra an important variation is to whom and what event are we highlighting. Dussehra signifies two important events which is the victory of good over evil as the day Lord Rama killed Ravana and the honouring of women who are indispensable in our lives from being a mother, wife, daughter to every role they play contributing equally or more to the society as a man. Celebrated over 9 nights and also known as Navratri it glorifies the importance of different female gods and the attributes they denote which are essential for all. On the 10th night, a giant statue of Ravana is burnt with an arrow to recreate the event.

People all around India celebrate the festival with different events. In West Bengal, Lord Durga idols are placed in every street where people perform puja, offer prayers and celebrate the occasion with song and dance. In states like Uttar Pradesh is where the big idols of Ravana are burnt. In South India, each day is dedicated to a Goddess who is forms of the three devis Parvati, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. The idols of god, people and toys are placed in a scene set up at homes of many people making it a colourful fun event. The period is highly cherished by children who have a short vacation and all to enjoy the Prasad that is prepared and distributed to all in temples or homes.