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How to complete Yuno surveys, are they legit and safe?

Are there any real online surveys that pay?

As we have seen in the previous blog, surveys are a form of market research that all companies need to extract periodically as per regulations. Thereby, companies and brands work with Market Research Agencies to have these Surveys designed most effectively. These are then sent to various websites that hosts these surveys to reach the people meeting the required profile. Yuno is one such Survey site which we will discuss in detail now.

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What is yuno?

 Yuno is one great Surveys website that gets you multiple high rewarding Surveys that pay cash when working with it’s partners like Vishumoney. 

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How does Yuno work?

Yuno Surveys is a site that works with multiple Market Research Agencies to deliver the insights that the Companies and Brands require in designing their products and services. 

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How is Yuno different from other survey websites?

Yuno Surveys doesn’t just cater to the needs of the Market Research companies it is directly tied up with, but also works with other Surveys sites to deliver the needs of their clients thereby acting as a Gateway to all the major Surveys available for the Public. Not just that6, Yuno Surveys provides it’s Rewards in the form of real money to it’s partners who in turn reward it’s users with cash that can be utilised immediately unlike other Survey sites. 

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Is yuno survey legit?

Yuno Surveys are 100% legitimate as they maintain the highest standards of data protection, adhering to all international and local regulation where they function and give complete access to the user to delete their data, profile, account when required by them.

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Why did I not qualify for a survey?

Each survey has a specific target audience in mind and to find out if you match the same some qualification questions are asked like DOB, AGe, City you live in, industry you work in etc. It is vital that you give genuine details as there maybe multiple checks to verify the same and if found to provide an incompatible answer you may be sent out of the Survey.

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Is there a maximum amount of surveys I can do per day?

If you were taking surveys directly from a Survey site, then most take your profile details first and then show a few surveys that you may be eligible for, hence that would be the limit. But by doing Yuno Surveys on Vishumoney, as long as you provide genuine details, there is no limit to the number of Surveys you could try or complete in a day.   

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What are the disadvantages of online survey?

Surveys especially on Yuno are a great way to earn money online. But it is important to note that they can be slightly time consuming and mainly reward you only if you complete it. So if you leave your focus and answer anything that you have properly read, non genuine or contradicting your earlier responses, you may be sent out of the Survey without any rewards. 

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How will I receive my reward?

As we know, Survey sites are authorized to give rewards to users who complete surveys in the form of vouchers, gift cards, money etc. But not all these Survey sites are good in giving you high rewarding Surveys, many of them to complete or give rewards in the most convenient form that you want, surveys that pay cash.

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What survey app pays the most?

Vishumoney aims to provide the most rewarding avenues for our users to earn, save and win money online. Thereby after reviewing with most Survey sites, it was concluded that Yuno Surveys are one of the highest paying Survey sites. 

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Hence we are glad to be associated with Yuno Surveys to provide Vishumoney users with unlimited Survey opportunities with highest rewards, Bonus and more… Click Here to Start

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Online shopping and earning online have emerged as the hottest topic especially among youths. When it comes to online shopping, more than hundreds of websites have taken up space on the internet providing products at various prices. The most frustrating task that we all face is to choose the best one among all. The comparison between prices, looking for vouchers and coupons to reduce the cost of the shopping cart without removing any product from it and making the most out of shopping is equal to getting a migraine to any sane person. The dilemma doesn’t end here, we all keep looking for opportunities to make some extra bucks. Well, who can say ‘NO’ to some extra income, because money is never unwanted or goes to waste. The need for money is never-ending but to make a side income you don’t just need a computer with an internet connection, but thorough research is equally important.

Issues Faced By All

Similar to every youth, I always felt that my pay is not enough to take care of all my needs and because of that I started looking ways to earn money online but for that, I didn’t have any option than to start from scratch. Once I started, I had no idea where to start from or which site to join in order to get desired results. Being a newbie that I was, I faced many ups and downs, had become a victim of many scam sites and even earned thousands of rupees online.

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These struggles and dilemmas inspired me to introduce a platform that is completely legitimate, where the customers won’t feel cheated and will be able to save big on their shopping irrespective of the shopping portal they are using along with having options to make some extra money on the side. Finally, I was able to make my dreams turn into reality and named it as VishuMoney.

What Is VishuMoney?

If just like all, you are also thinking that what is Vishumoney then let’s take a quick safari into the wondrous world of Vishumoney. VishuMoney is a platform that joins shopping and earning into a single domain. Here you can find two sections:

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Shop and earn is the place where you can find more than 2000 stores listed and can choose the one best suiting your needs. Apart from the list of stores, you can even find coupons, vouchers and offers that reduce the cost of the shopping cart without forcing you to remove any item from the cart. The two additional benefits of this section are that it saves the memory space in your phone and system as you no longer need to install each product individually as well with each shopping getting some cashback is guaranteed.

The next section solves the problem of online earning. It provides you with opportunities to make some instant cash either by finishing some tasks such as taking up some surveys, installing any app, watching a video, etc or by referring any service available on VishuMoney to your near and dear ones.

In my days of need, I had yearned on one platform which wouldn’t turn out to be a total scam and can solve all my problems but unfortunately found none. But now is the chance to know that there is a platform out there that can solve out your problems without taking advantage of your wishes.

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