Nearly every place has something good and unique to offer for a tourist. It’s just that one needs to have a good eye to figure it out. 2020 has got plenty to offer starting from the biggest sporting event, humongous new hotel projects. Undoubtedly 2020 would be a great year for tourist to explore some new places and try to grab the maximum experience every city has to offer. Let us take a look at some of the best travel destinations or simply the best places to visit in January and throughout the year.

  1. Macau

Known for its rich culture, grand hotels with world-class restaurants, Macau which falls under the special administrative region under China is trying to lure in as many tourists as possible to promote tourism. Unlike a common scenario in China, Macau doesn’t need a visa for US citizens to visit here making it one of the best travel and holiday destinations in China.

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  1. US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands

After being devastated by Hurricane Irma, this beautiful paradise is getting a rebirth for tourism again. Two of the best hotels have reopened in the last November after a whooping 100 million renovation and are eager to get back attract more tourists. Moreover, Rosewood Little Dix Bay is set to open in January with various water adventures making it tourist hotspot and one of the best tourist places.

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After a string of wildfires, this place is all set to welcome tourists again. Lush with vineyards and restaurants that offer mouth-watering food, Sonoma showcases all the elegance of the Napa Valley making it one of the best tourist places on earth. If in this place during the month of may do visit the Sonoma speed festival.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA downtown skyline on the Cumberland River.


Introducing new hotels that include the Grand Hyatt and the Joseph and new attractions that include the National Museum for African American music and an expanded Nashville zoo, this place is all lit to welcome tourists for the year 2020.

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5.Cape town

Second to none when it comes to photogenic beauty and an ever-evolving art scene, Cape town is one of the best tourist places in South Africa. The potential to attract tourist is so high that even hotel giants like the Taj and the Silo have set their hotels in this beautiful city.

  1. Maldives

A heaven in the Indian Ocean with sparkling blue water and exciting places like the Cocoa Islands and Capella Maldives makes this places one of the best tourist places to visit in the year 2020.

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  1. Monterey, California

Known for its coastal beauty, this place is the best option for anyone who wants to enjoy some seaside beauty. Coupled with the 250th anniversary in 2020, the city will offer some the best experiences to its tourists.

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  1. Edinburg

2020 has some huge plans for this city to attract more tourists. One of them includes the Johnnie Walker Experience which offers an event space with a grand whiskey shop and a museum. The city is also going to open a massive Edinburg St. James complex with multiple utility making this city a good tourist place to visit in 2020.

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  1. Riyadh

Saudi Arabia with a view to attract tourism has started promoting tourist visas for the first time. Attractions would include Diriyah which is UNESCO world heritage site and has been reimagined as a cultural and entertainment hub. The city offers some really good hotels and restaurants with service that is second to none.

  1. Okinawa

Known for its sun-drenched beaches and Blue zone which is known to have above-average life expectancy, this city is also known as the Hawaii of Japan. Okinawa will become lively once the Olympics commence making it a must-go place if one is visiting Tokyo for the sporting event.

Photos taken from the top of Azrieli Center Circular Tower, currently the tallest building in Israel, at 53 stories. Azrieli Sarona, when finished, will be the tallest building at 73 stories. An even taller building, Rockefeller Center, has been commissioned and will be 80 stories tall. In the views, you can see Azrieli Sarona under construction, Shalom Tower, from 1965-1999 the tallest building in Israel at 36 stories, as well as Port of Tel Aviv with Sde Dov Airport. The Electra (Elco) Tower, also pictured, houses Google Israel and is currently the 3rd tallest building. See:;
  1. Tel Aviv

This city is a conglomerate of an ancient history and a very modern living. Decorated with beautiful beach along Israel’s Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv is just the perfect place for being one of the best holiday destinations.

  1. San Miguel de Allende

Filled with Spanish colonial building that has shades of terra cotta, salmon and yellow, this place has a very intact artistic spirit. The wandering Mariachi band is an icing to the already beautiful place making it one of the best places to visit.

  1. St Petersburg, Russia

Filled with colourful architecture and many picturesque destinations, St Petersburg is one the best romantic cities in the world. With a flourishing nightlife, this place has to be in any aspiring tourist’s bucket list.

14 Jamaica

Jamaica is a place with natural beauty and some amazing beaches. Not to forget the latest instalment of James Bond that is set to premiere in April has some scenes shot at this beautiful place. The country offers some best hotel services making it a nice place for tourists to visit during holidays.

15 Malindi, Kenya

Famous for its Swahili architecture, Malindi draws influences from Africa, Arabia and Europe. Malindi is home to many natural wonders with mouth-watering seafood making it one of the most ideal places for spending holidays.

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