Flipkart Big Billion Days 2019

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Trending Flipkart Big Billion Days Offers, Coupons & Promo Codes 2019 | Vishumoney

Products Offer Category Big Billion Days Sale Discount Sale Schedule
Smartphones Up to 70% Off 29th Sep to 3rd Oct
Fashion & Footwear Up to 90% Off 29th Sep to 3rd Oct
TVs & Home Appliances Up to 80% Off 29th Sep to 3rd Oct
Home Needs & Furniture Up To 75% Off 29th Sep to 3rd Oct
Smart Assistants & Wearables Up to 80% Off 29th Sep to 3rd Oct
Mobile & Tech Accessories Up to 85% Off 29th Sep to 3rd Oct

What is Special about Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2019?

It’s here! The Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2019 is here for good, to give you never before low prices, unbelievable deals, offers, discounts and more. All the waiting is over so, whether you’re planning to upgrade your mobiles to the latest, your TV to double the size or something totally new, this is the right time to get it. As the Big Billion Days offers are not just where you get free items with a purchase or low prices. It's the time when exchange offers are through the roof, instant discounts help you save big bucks and no-cost EMIs on never before products enabling you to get not just your needs but all your wants too. So don’t miss this Flipkart big billion day sale offers happening between 29th Sep to 4th Oct 2019.

Big Billion Days Bank Offer - 10% Instant Discount

Of all the E-Commerce sale that happens throughout the year, you may see some good deals, discounts or offers. But, if there is one thing that has an edge over all then, it has to be the concept of Instant discount brought over for the first time. From time and again during this sale season Flipkart ties-up exclusively with a particular bank to provide a cashback of a certain percentage, which would if eligible hit your bank account after a few months (usually 4%).

In fact, as a game-changer during one of the previous big billion days on Flipkart; instead of the cashback concept which was not so inviting for the users since. As they had to wait for a very long time, Flipkart changed the concept of instant discount. That is, products purchased during big billion days on Flipkart, with that particular bank card would be eligible for an instant discount. Wherein, in the final payment checkout page, the discount amount would be reduced by that percentage on the total payables.

  • This way, getting instant discount happens to not just be one of the major Flipkart big billion days sale offers but you get double the dhamaka this time.
  • Instead of one bank card, you get an instant discount of 10% from two, we repeat two banks, one from ICICI and the other is Axis bank cards.
  • Wait! there is more to add to your pockets if that was not enough. On top of all the offers, you can get an additional cashback on every purchase done through our platform.

Instant Discount Bank Offers During this Big Billion Days Sale

Instant Discount Bank Card Big Billion Days Instant Discount Offer
ICICI Bank Credit Cards 10% Instant Discount
Axis Bank Debit & Credit Cards 10% Instant Discount

Flipkart Big Billion Days 2019 Date

Having started as a day to be like the Black Friday sale in India, it soon evolved into something that blended well with the Indian festive occasions. Considered to be the most auspicious time of the year to buy new things. The Dussehra and Diwali season is the time when most of us rush to the bazaar near our homes or to the malls across the city. This is when the special collections for festive occasions are launched to stand out. Quoting the season, there would be a sale everywhere including the malls, but the question is if you could climb up and down all of them to get that exact dress, jacket, mobile, headphones or other items with lowest price plus other goodies. Then wait no further as the Big Billion day is within the next few days.

  • Plan your wishlist items that you want to buy to get to it quickly or save up to buy all your wants then.
  • The Big Billion Days are not just for a day or two instead for five whole days starting from 29th Sep. till the 4th of October.
  • Make this year’s occasion even more special by doing all your purchases through us. Why because, as on top of all the offers provided by Flipkart you can get an Extra Cashback which you won’t find anywhere else online.

Flipkart Plus - Early Access to Big Billion Days Sale

If there’s one advantage that we all want, then it has to be exclusive access to anything. Be it a lounge, premiere and especially a sale. Imagine if you are one among the few who grab best deals early before others do. As items may be in limited stock and chances of getting them otherwise like in a flash sale is very less. That is where Flipkart plus comes in, getting you early access of four hours before the common shoppers, which is more than enough time to sweep the best deal and place orders. The big billion day mobile offer on premium ones like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixels, Huawei Mate series all at never before low prices. Not just that, the big billion day laptop offers are amazing and limited too so be it MacBooks, Ultrabooks, Gaming or 2 in 1’s. The prices from top brands can make you change your expected purchase to a much more premium one.

  • All you need to do is, check your Flipkart Super coins’ balance and the Flipkart Plus activation status on their website.
  • If you are already a Flipkart Plus member then stay tuned for the first day of the event to get early access to start.
  • If you are not a Flipkart plus member then, it is because you have not yet earned 300 Supercoins So click the Flipkart Plus icon and check your coins balance to see how many Supercoins you are short of to become a Flipkart Plus member.
  • Make a quick grocery list to buy items worth the missing amount as you earn 2 Supercoins for every Rs 100 spent.
  • Buy any other normal essentials and if necessary get the quickly non-perishable products for the next few months too and become a Flipkart Plus member.
  • Access to the big billion day sale 2019 offers as the amount you can save is huge during it.

Flipkart Plus Early Access

Flipkart Plus Early Access Timings 4 hours before Others
Offers available in Early Access All Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2019 Offers

Crazy Deals - Craziest Prices in Big Billion Days Sale

If it’s electronics that you want to buy but at unbelievably low prices, then you need to keep a tab of the big billion day Crazy Deals section. Happening at different times during the big billion days of Flipkart it is important that you check exactly at the specified times to not miss out. The Crazy Deals are scheduled at 12 AM, 8 AM and 4 PM respectively which is when electronics ranging from select pen drives, power banks to mobiles, laptops and even TVs are available at as mentioned Crazy Deals which can be very low that is crazy prices.

So stay tuned throughout the big billion days of Flipkart to snag a crazy deal that you can save a lot and boast about it.

Crazy Deals

Crazy Deals Timings 12 AM | 8 AM | 4 PM
Products in Crazy Deals Mobiles, TVs, Laptops and more...

Maha Price Drop

Update your look with the latest fashion, yourself with top beauty products or your home with new furnishings not sacrificing much for your normal cravings by shopping in the Flipkart big billion-day sale 2019 offers. One can get confused as to where the best deals for Fashion, Beauty or Home needs can be found in the Big Billion Days page and it is in the Maha Price Drop section. Products that you typically find at MRP or at just 5 to 10% discount here can go as low as 90% letting you spend just peanuts on your wants. This section will be active throughout but products will start to disappear as the items go out of stock. So your best chance during the Flipkart big billion day sale 2019 is to explore and check out the top items on the first day itself.

  • With the Maha Price Drop being low enough what if we tell you that you can get its effective price even lower by getting additional exclusive Cashback from Vishumoney.
  • All you need to do is log in to your Vishumoney account and go the Flipkart store or click here.
  • Then select the Go to Store button where you will be redirected to the Flipkart homepage.
  • From here just navigate to the Maha Price Drop section and complete your purchase to get Cashback on top of the lowest prices from the Flipkart big billion day sale 2019 offers.

Maha Price Drop

Maha Price Drop Offers Amazingly Low prices on select items
Products in Maha Price Drop Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor and more...

Flash Sale

One thing that is common with the best mobiles that are launched for sale is through the Flash sale concept where you can order only at a particular time if you hopefully get to add it in your shopping cart. The event offers has something similar for you for much more products with prices that can make us all rush to purchase. Get products from top brands across various categories at never before prices but with limited time availability. Throughout the Big Billion Days, you will see Flash Sales happening with time limits of a couple of hours or until stocks last. With the latter being more common, if there are some needs that are normally expensive but you wish they were lower, then it is the Flash Sales section that you need to check each and every hour.

Being one of the most awaited sections in the Flipkart big billion day sale 2019 do not miss out as it may contain mobiles, accessories, fashion, footwear, home needs, etc. at cool offers and discount prices in the Flash Sales section.

Flash Sale

Flash Sale Timings New products added every hour
Products in Flash Sale Products from all Categories in limited no’s

Rush Hours

Not so happy with the discounts offered in the Flipkart big billion day sale 2019 and wish it was lower? Well there is a way to get it lower which in the Rush hours’ section of the event page where the generous discounts become even lower but not all through the day. Keep a lookout as there will be certain hours of the day during the Big Billion Days termed as Rush hours which is the only time you will get those discounts.

Rush hours can be predefined or appear suddenly, can be for a particular category of products or mixed, so be alert and make sure that you visit the event page through Vishumoney to get an additional cashback.

Rush Hours

Rush Hours Timings Stay Tuned for exact timings
Products in Rush Hours Mobiles, TVs, Laptops and more...

Shop Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2019 Offers from Vishumoney

You may have waited for the Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2019 Offers since the start of the year so that you can get the best deals and lowest prices for Fashion, Electronics, Home Appliances, Home Decor, Toys amongst many other things and we do agree that it is worth the wait. But what can make it even more beneficial is by ordering the same through Vishumoney. Imagine that say a mobile that you are planning to purchase is 10k MRP and during the Big Billion days the price goes down to 8k helping you save 2k. That is a huge saving but do you know that once you get the mobile delivered it is important to keep it safe so putting a tempered glass and a back case becomes unavoidable. You may purchase it while ordering the mobile itself for good deals or in a local shop at whichever way it will cost you extra money. Imagine if you could make that extra money by just following a simple and smart purchase process.

We’ll tell you how below:

  • Before you go to Flipkart and browse the item you want to buy in the Big Billion Days Sale 2019 Sign Up or Login to Vishumoney.
  • After the Sign-Up or Login process just click on the Coupons section in the menu bar of the site.
  • In the Coupons page search for the Flipkart store in the search bar and visit the store page.
  • Now in the Flipkart store page, you will see a long list of Deals or Coupons for various product categories.
  • Choose the one relevant to the product you plan to purchase and Click the select option which the Copy Code if it is a Coupon or Grab Deal for deals.
  • If it is a Coupon page, then Click the Copy code & visit site option and if it is a Deal page then Click the Grab Deal & Visit Site option.
  • If you do not find a relevant offer of Coupons or Deals, then below Flipkart log Click on ‘Go to Store’ button.
  • Choosing any of the above 3 options will lead you to the Flipkart Home page or the relevant Section in the Offers page.
  • From here just navigate to find the product you wish to purchase all available at the lowest price.
  • After selecting the right variant click the Buy Now button to add it to your Shopping Cart.
  • Any other product can also be added and then just complete the purchase with a suitable payment method.
  • On receiving the order if there is no Returns or Cancellation then after that Return period a Lavish Cashback is credited to your Vishumoney.
  • You can use this Cashback like real money to Recharge your phone, pay bills, transfer to your Paytm wallet or even your Bank acc.

This way you get enough money to take care of some of the after purchase expenses from shopping on the Flipkart Big Billion Days Offers.