Let’s dig up some roots!

Prakyath Applications, the parent company of VishuMoney is an IT company working on out of the box idea, helping businesses flourish and prosper.

Story of the birth of VishuMoney!!

VishuMoney came into existence when we realized that for any man, money is the most crucial factor. Henceforth, we decided to help all through two main sources. One that eats up our money and second that produces money. The first obviously is the shopping domain that makes sure on reducing our bank balance and second earning money, which adds up to the bank balance.

We emerged as experts in two areas:

The New Gen Shopping Platform

VishuMoney makes sure that people coming here gets the best of both world, we have brought together all shopping platforms at one place so that you can compare better and choose the best deals as well get additional offers. Want to buy a product or service? Here at VishuMoney you can find and compare all similar products as well compare the prices from all stores selling it. Choose the best deal and BAAM! The product is all yours to be bought along with additional discounts. As well an additional cash back comes as a treat from US!

The Next Gen Reward Earning Platform

Whether it be making the most out of social circles or making some instant money, we have got all covered. All you need to do is EXPLORE! As well don’t just simply spend time online but make benefit of this time. Get paid for being online and using the services, no matter whether you are online playing games, using apps, exploring websites or just surfing the Internet, whether it be through your mobile, tab or laptop, you are always paid.

The most recent VishuMoney app is focussed equally on both shopping and earning profile so that your shopping spree never comes to an end. We, here at VishuMoney are ferocious at our work and dedicate fully to solve the problems of both customers as well the business owners. So, who are you? A business owner, an Advertiser, Or a Customer looking for ways to save as well as earn? Let's join hands so that we can help you out while you help us achieve our dreams of becoming the biggest platform for shopping and earning.

Meet the Team VishuMoney

Our team brings a wealth of experience from major MNCs and startups, to provide a world-class service for both customers and business owners, which surely will liven up the whole experience with VishuMoney.


At VishuMoney, you'll experience world-class work culture in the midst of an extremely friendly and talented team.



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